Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did you know I bake Bread

I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma, it makes my mouth water. Every day of the week I bake bread (apart from when I am at college on a morning)for me and dh to have at lunch time. Now, your probably thinking why do I make it. When we first moved here the one thing that I really did not like was the bread that you by at the store. In England in every small village or town there is always a bakery where you can buy fresh bread. Here where I live you can buy the standard packaged bread that tastes like it was made with sugar and vinegar and you can in some places buy fresh bread, but not as fresh as what I used to get back home in England.

So I bought a bread machine. This was not the first bread machine I had ever owned. I had one in England that was such a novelty when I first bought it, then after a couple of weeks it sat in the back of the cupboard never to be seen again. The bread that came out of the machine was too dense and not only that you had a big hole in the centre where the blade had been. So dh looked surprised when I came home with this 2nd machine and remarked how the last one had just been a novelty!

After many weeks I had finally cracked the perfect recipe for making what I would consider the perfect loaf, it has a lovely crusty crust to it and the inside is so light and fluffy, just perfect, to the point that dh comments every time how this is the best bread he has ever eaten LOL. I must admit I agree (head getting bigger as I type LOL). This loaf is a 2lb loaf (so quite large for just 2 people, but what we don't eat at lunch time, my strapping young teen aged son will eat when he gets home from school) and the dough is made in the bread machine. but is then taken out of the machine. proofed and then baked in the oven, so no hole and a lovely crusty loaf. So if you are like what I used to be and have a machine sitting around idle then let me know and I will gladly share my recipe with you. I bake bread so much that I am now on the 2nd machine since moving here,the other one went and died on me, so I just got a new one last week, (we had to go without bread for a whole week, can you imagine that, while waiting for the new one to arrive) I guess making bread everyday can be tough on the machine but it is well worth the money I spent.

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  1. Looks delish - I need a bread machine!

  2. What a great idea...taking the dough out of the machine then baking it in the oven. They all look so delish! Brilliant. Now if only I had a bread maker. ;) Thanks for the sweet words on my spaghetti cake! :)


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