Saturday, April 14, 2012

Refurbished Chair


I meant to post about this chair weeks ago, but life got in the way, I took the photos a while ago but just have not had the time to write up this post and share this with you. 

Another post on refurbishing, I can say I am hooked on doing this!

I originally bought this chair from Home Goods/TJMaxx on clearance for $30, talk about a  bargain and I have always had plans to do something with it, but it sat in our bedroom in all its brown glory for over 3 years!  Not until I recovered  the bench in this post did I realise how easy it is to change something from a bit blah to WOW! so after recovering the bench I knew that I would be able to do this chair and not make a complete mess of it.

Here is what she looked like before I sanded, primed, painted and recovered her. She didn’t look to bad really just not to my taste, can you see I still had the plastic protective coating on the chair!!! and stenciling is really not my thing!


And here she is



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bar Stool Makeover


Yes I am on a refurbishing kick at the moment, I am loving the more or less instant reward that you get doing this.  These stools were easy peasy to refurbish, again I just covered over the top of the old fabric and stapled away.

As you can see this stool was covered in a brown micro suede fabric, it wasn’t old or stained I just fancied a change and wanted to just update the stools.




  This is what the stools looked like after, much better I think.


And here is a side by side so you get the idea.2012-03-026

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