Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bench Makeover


Something a little different and certainly a first for me.  I have always wanted to have a go at reupholstering a piece of furniture but for some reason it has always scared me. 

At the weekend I just made the suggestion to my hubby about reupholstering this bench and no sooner had I said it and he started taking it apart!!! I was totally shocked!!! now there was no turning back (OK that’s a little bit dramatic he only took the top of the seat off the legs).

So here is the before.  Pretty boring don’t you think?


And here it is after, I am loving this fabric.


Off we went to Hancock's Fabric Store (yes I said we, I persuaded hubbie to come along, after all he had nothing better to do than to amuse me!!!)  Finding the right fabric was easy as soon as we saw it we new it was what we wanted, actually hubbie saw it first and decided that was the one he wanted, I was surprised at this as I didn’t think that was his style, wow after nearly 20 years of marriage he never ceases to surprise me, so I will let him take the credit for choosing the fabric.  So not to bore you here is the finished bench, please excuse the photos, the sun is shining today and I just cannot seem to get a good photo, I am not complaining though I am loving this sunny weather.


  1. My husband hates going to the fabric store about as much as I hate going to the sporting goods store! You both did a great job! Love it!

  2. Isn't it great when husbands come up with a great idea when we least expect it of them! Your bench turned out beautiful--I love that fabric.

  3. Your bench looks great, did you need any special tools for the reupholstering? Love the fabric too, well done that man!

  4. Great job!! I love the fabric your husband chose. Good for him! Thanks for sharing with us at Link it Up Thursday.


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