Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swoon–Cut, Pieced, Quilted, Binding

So I finished the piecing of my swoon quilt back in February and there it has sat since.  I had plans for this quilt, plans to make it into a King sized quilt, well a couple of weeks ago I went on a little trip to Minneapolis again! You know! the fabric shop, where I am in fabric heaven, you can read about that here. (I have been a few times since that trip, it’s a little addictive)
I bought some fabric to make a border and also bought fabric for the backing.  I eventually got the borders sewn on and it was delivered to my LAQ last Tuesday, we discussed pantographs, thread etc. and I got it back on Friday!

Yes you read that right, my LAQ is fantastic, she has such a great turn around, and is great to work with, and if you are looking for a LAQ then I would certainly recommend her, you can find more information here !!!!  and see examples of her work on her facebook page here

In the meantime I made my binding in anticipation for getting it back.

I picked it up on Friday morning and on Friday afternoon I sewed the binding onto the front by machine.  On Saturday I went all over town looking for the perfect tools to hand sew my binding onto the back. See the gorgeous quilting the pantograph is called Sparkle!


I had a regular thimble already but I have never really got on with it, not only that it makes your finger SMELLLLLLLLLLLL!  So this is what I bought
Thimble It – Complete and utter waste of money, they are so slippy that you might as well put some packing tape on your finger, they are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and I certainly do not recommend themIMG_0875Next up leather thimble, I found this to be restrictive and clumsy and I have heard good reviews, but personally I just could not get on with it,
So I persevered with! wait for it
and the occasional use of my metal thimble,
The thing you need to remember is I was sewing binding onto a KING sized quilt!  I anticipated my fingers getting sore and wanted to avoid it, but what do you expect when you have that amount of binding to sew! It’s a labour of love!
I started it on Saturday morning and had the occasional break to eat! and finished at 9.00pm Saturday evening.

IMG_0888sIMG_0881IMG_0883IMG_0884IMG_0885On saturday evening I slept under this beauty, (sleeping under the stars) WOW did I sleep well.
IMG_0886Thread used: Signature Cotton in Pearl
Batting Legacy 80/20
Pantograph: Sparkle
Quilted by Sue Tuma


  1. Just put it in the post for me please !! you made me smile with the thimble trials !! it is gorgeous and i think you fabric shop is fab !!!well done :))

  2. It has all come together beautifully Sam. The quilting is wonderful and the binding really sets it all off! Definitely worth the sore fingers :)

  3. Your Swoon quilt is beautiful - I really love the swirly stars quilting!

  4. It is beautiful!! Now you have inspired me to keep on with mine. The quilting is wonderful.

  5. It is so beautiful Sam! The quilting is fabulous and the binding you chose is the perfect finishing touch. Well done!

  6. Very nice, I just got on the swoon bandwagon too, that is the next quilt I will attempt, I hope it turns out as nice as yours

  7. That is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the thimble review. I have often thought about trying band aids, but eventually just go with the sore fingers. (I know, silly me) If I were doing a quilt as large as yours I would follow your advice!

  8. Gorgeous! Really nice swoon quilt!

  9. Wow, oh wow, oh WOW!!! The colors you chose for your blocks are gorgeous, and the quilting is perfect! And I am in awe of you for binding the whole thing in one day! I can barely sit and do it for 10 minutes without 79 interruptions. :)

  10. I think your Swoon is one of the prettiest I've seen; I really like the variety of colors in this quilt. I sympathize with your thimble hunt!

  11. Your Swoon is lovely - everytime I see one I want to make one. think I should stop resisting and just buy the pattern

  12. Nice finish! I linked here from today's post by ChrissieD. I got a kick out of your thimble reviews. For years I have used the leather thimble when sewing my bindings. I wear it on my thumb, it helps push and pull and takes pressure off my fingers. My favorite one is so worn and dirty looking that I am embarrassed to use it at times, so I bought a new one but the darn thing wouldn't fit over my thumb so I cut it off and zigzagged the end. It is still too snug, but I hope it will stretch out a bit.


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