Monday, April 1, 2013

Tula - VW Tula Pink Pillow

Last weekend I went to my LQS where Tula Pink was doing a presentation on her quilts.  I got to see some absolutely gorgeous quilts and she explained her design process from drawing to the actual fabric being printed.


I also got to see her City Sampler quilt that features in her new book  100 Modern Quilt Blocks, which comes out in May,she also had a different colour version to the one on the front cover on the book, they are both gorgeous and I have already ordered my copy of the book.

The local shop also made up some kits for her VW Pillow, so I bought one and I finished making it the other day.  I am loving this pillow and plan on making a couple more of them.  If you want to make one yourself the pattern is free online, just Google it.



  1. I love your pillow! It turned out great! I wish I had a kit for it. That would help me get it done! I also want to make her anchor quilt for my brother, who has a lake cabin, sometime. That would be awesome for him. How great you got to go to her trunk show. Totally jealous!

  2. And your dogs in your header are gorgeous. I used to have a beautiful yellow lab who looked like the one on the left in you header. I miss her so.....

  3. Love the campervan pillow.

    Can definitely see why you have pre-ordered the book, her quilts are always gorgeous.

  4. WOW!!! How fun that you got to go! I love her anchor quilt, and your minibus pillow turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. What an amazing experience. I love the VW pillow. You did a great job, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Oh, I'm envious of your day learning from Tula! She's so inventive, I want to be her when I grow up!
    I love the VW pillow, thanks for sharing about it! My sisters and I are very sentimental about the VW van and bug we grew up with. I think I'll have to make this pillow for Christmas gifts!


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