Friday, April 5, 2013

Bee Blocks and a Moan!

I finally managed to get my Sampler bee blocks finished in good time and in the post last week. A couple of them have arrived at their new homes already. I am loving this star block and really do need to make a quilt with this block. Oh how ! that list of mine just keeps growing!

Online bees are a lot of fun, but sometimes not so much!


I have so far received 2 back from this hive, its early days yet but I am still a little bit worried as this has been the quietest hive I have ever been in. The swap mama seems to be MIA most of the time! and a couple of the people in the hive have only ever posted a couple of times, which doesn’t bode well for receiving blocks at all!

Don’t get me wrong online bees are a lot of fun, when your in a great hive, like the star hive I am in but sometimes participants don’t even bother to send at all, and at other times blocks are badly constructed, so it is a case of some you win some you loose.

It hasn’t quite put me off online bees quite yet, probably due to the fact that I am in another fantastic hive where we chat constantly update one another with our progress.  But I will take note of the participants that are not so communicative in the current Sampler hive I am in and make sure next time I will avoid being in the same hive.  The star hive ladies are fantastic and I have not worried at any time about receiving blocks at all from any of them and I have already received 5 blocks back and the only one I am waiting on is from a member who is in the early throws of pregnancy and we all know how that is, and anyway they are not due to be posted out until the 15 April so she has loads of time yet. OK moan over and now onto the photos of the latest blocks.







  1. Those blocks are lovely, the fussy-cut chairs are so cute!

    Shame you are not enjoying your Bee, I know that life gets in the way sometimes, but how hard can it be to send an email saying you are behind but will catch up sometime?

  2. It really is too bad you aren't enjoying one of your bees! I've never been in one (lack of time). But I LOVE those blocks! Stars are one of my very favorite blocks.


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