Friday, September 28, 2007


Pics coming soon

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn is arriving

I took this photo from the deck, I do like hanging around on the deck LOL, I am trying to capture the changes in colour of the trees.

Mr squirrel

The other day Murphy chased this little squirel up the tree, poor thing was scared to death I think. But it din't stop me taking loads of photos of it!!! I was hanging off the side of the deck taking pics of him!!!!
This is the layout I managed to get done the other week when Kathy and Debs came round.
This was my sons first time fishing and he was thrilled to bits with himself. I was so excited too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A for Apple

At the weekend we went to an Apple Orchard in Galesville and picked our own apples. It was fun and the boys loved it, we ate lots of apples and tried many different varieties that we have never heard of or tasted before. The favourites were Macintosh and Sweet 16. It was so good to eat an apple straight from the tree, I had Golden Delicious in our garden in England but the apples never ripened enough to eat, unlike the pear tree that my parents will no doubt be harvesting soon. All in all it was a relaxing weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Not much to write about or to say right now, having a few problems with the school but think I have got them sorted out now!!!!!

Thought I would add some pics of some crafting I did a while back

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I just read some of the posts that I have made on this blog and I am SHOCKED at my grammar and spelling!!!! Let me just say that when I do type on this blog I am in a major rush so type as fast as I can and do not really check it for grammar or spelling, IRL my grammar and spelling is not as bad as it looks on here!!!

Yesterday was a fab fun day, I had friends Kathy and Debs round for a crop, it was more like a chatting session and then when Debs went it was a cut as much as you can from the paper dolls cuttlebug cart session!!!!!

I had a good day even if I did only get one layout done (it was a double layout!!!)

Not only that Kathy also bought me some BISTO from when she was away from home the other week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh BISTO I love it, so guess what we are having for tea tonight!!!?????????????????? Roast Beef and Yorshire pud, with BISTO gravy YUMMY.

By the way you people that lurk and read my blog dont leave without posting a comment as I am starting to think that I talk to myself and that I am going mad!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah BISTO

Today in the post I received a parcel from my friend Lucy who sent me some BISTO, I am so grateful as its very difficult to get hold of it here. Thanks Lucy you are a life saver.


On Friday I was sat on the deck just watching the world go by and I noticed this thing move at the bottome of the slope. I went and got the binoculars to take a closer look and saw this fury little fat animal. I had not idea what I was looking at but it sure did look like it had been eating too much!!!

Anyway I did a little bit of research and evenutally found out that it was a Groundhog/Woodchuck/landbeaver. They are really cute and I sit and watch them for ages or they sit and watch me!!!! For those of you that read my blog and haven't got a clue what I am talking about this is one, how cute are they.
The range of animals we get in our garden is amzing. Thats one of the great things about living here. We have deer, squirrels, rabbits and snakes! Apparently there are cayote around but I haven't seen any yet. In England we would get the odd hedgehog and that was about it, so to have deer in the garden is amazing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


The post just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can;t quite believe what I have just received, any bigger and the packet would not have fitted in my mail box.

THANK YOU so much Cindy and can't believe all the things you sent me. Not even included in this pic is 2 wish raks aswell. For those that don't know me I have a thing about blossoms and love using them on my scrapbook layouts even though I have two boys and they really look good on cards too. I love all of it and the card you made with the stamp is fab too.

House Mouse

This is one of the new stamps I bought the other day and put in my cupboard. Well I couldn't resist it, its so cute I had to make a card with it. Now considering it is only 8.51am and I have done this already its amazing.
This was coloured in using watercolour pencils.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today it has been such a beauriful day. Not a cloud in the sky it was this amazing colour of blue and these pictures really dont do it justice. They call Wisconsin Gods Country and it truly is.


The above photo is our dog Murphy who we flew to the US all the way from England. He is settling down in his new home and last night came very very close to a deer in the garden so close that it snorted at him or whatever deer do. It scared the life out of me as it was dark at the time. It worries me to think of the damage a deer could do to a dog.

With the children back to school I have much more time on my hands. BUT have I done any crafting since they went back NO, Looks like I have lost my mojo!! But I haven't lost it for stash shopping!!!!! I won't post on here what I bought yesterday but they are now hidden away in my craft cupboard!!!! I spent $50 and now I am feeling guilty about it. Especially seeing as I received a stamp order the other day and also put in an order on Monday that wasn't bad $17 but I have way exceeded my spending limit for the next couple of months. Do any of you do that ? buy things and hide it? I would love to know if you do and what was your recent purchase? I am going to behave myself now as I have so much stash and haven't used most of it so I will start using it and I might even do some scrapping.

If any of you read my blog please leave a comment as its getting awfully quiet on here.

Friday, September 7, 2007


The mail didn't just include my stamps but also included nice surprisea RAK card from Eileen on SCS .Thanks you for making a good day even better


Don't you just love Penny Black Stamps. Well my order of new stamps just arrived and I thought I would post them here for everyone else to drool over. Jenny if your reading this I know you will be droolling LOL.
I was sat having my lunch earlier on and this little humming bird started getting the nectar out of the flowers in a pot on the deck. Luckily the camera was to hand but its not a good picture. The funny thing, last year in England I actually thought I saw a humming bird, I went on the internet to reserach if anyone else had reported seeing any and what I did find out that it wasnt a bird I saw but a hummingbird moth!!!! that England has started seeing sitings of in recent years. England doesn't get hot enough for humming birds!!! So to actually see a real humming bird in real life is fantastic.


Well its been a busy week this week.

Yesterday I received some gorgeous House Mouse images from a RAK on SCS, which I have already started to colour in.

I experimented with my bread and added poppy seeds as a topping. They were lovely especially straight out of the oven with melted butter spread on them.

Here is a quick card that I had to make on Tuesday and get into the post ASAP it was on it way to Greece. I used my new Penny Black stamp.

Speaking of new stamps I have an order arriving some time this week hopefully today from stamps are the cheapest I have found for PB stamps on the internet and you only pay the actual shipping cost of the stamps, so no over priced shipping and the lovely Isabelle who own it is really helpful, especially if you can't find what your looking for.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007



The peace and quiet in the house is fantastic for now anyway I am sure I will find it too quiet in a few months time.

I went to Michaels today and got a sizzix machine for $7, can you believe it. I already have one but at that price its good to have a backup and anyway the cutting mat would cost more that in the UK to buy. To think I bought mine for 50 pounds last year!!!!

I also bought some gamsol and stumps yesterday but havent got any prisma coloured pencils to try the technique out so I just used normal pencils. It wasnt too bad but I will have to get some Prisma pencils to see what I think.

David found a snake in the garden today!!! He thought it was a big worm and then realised!!! I really do not like snakes but this one seemed pretty harmless at least it wasnt a rattle snake!!! Still no pictures of my fab bread rolls as they got eaten!!!! Will try and get one soon.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Its been a busy week this week, so not much blogging going on. The bread baking is working like a dream, I baked rolls the other day and they were just perfect (even if I say so myself) just how dh likes them crusty on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside. So its fresh rolls for lunch in this house from now on. I will post a picture soon, its just been a case of they come out of the oven and get eaten before I can take a picture!!! UPDATE PICTURE NOW ADDED

We went to Wisconsin Dells again yesterday. This time we went to Tipleys Believe it or not, the boys thought this was great. Then we went to Alligator Alley, we had our pics taken with an alligator and the boys and dh had there pic with a massive alinopython, I didnt do this one as I just don't do snakes!!!!! We fed live rats to the alligators which was quite amazing how fast they captured it, but a bit sad and sick at the same time, mixed feelings on this!!!
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