Thursday, September 13, 2007


The post just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can;t quite believe what I have just received, any bigger and the packet would not have fitted in my mail box.

THANK YOU so much Cindy and can't believe all the things you sent me. Not even included in this pic is 2 wish raks aswell. For those that don't know me I have a thing about blossoms and love using them on my scrapbook layouts even though I have two boys and they really look good on cards too. I love all of it and the card you made with the stamp is fab too.

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  1. Hi Sam!

    Wow! Thanks for posting the pic. I've never seen a pic of one of my cards. That bird was SO fun! I love coloring it. And YES... I do the BAD spending stuff, too, and feel terrible. I'll write you more about that later. Great blog... that strawberry card is TOO GOOD... great coloring!



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