Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first Layout of Milly

My first layout of Milly.

Pink, pink and more Pink. It is great to be able to do some layouts in pink that aren't just about me!!!! Thats the good thing about having a female dog!!!! Maybe thats why i wanted a girl dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsh dont tell dh that LOL


I decorated this tin a couple of weeks ago, a fun project that i plan doing more of. I havent decided what to put in it yet maybe:
Cards, recipes, birthdays, addresses the list is endless.!!!!!!!!!!!!

My two gorgeous sons. I love this paper I think its called Kelly Pannicci.
I used my basic grey letters as a template and cut them out by hand.

Scrapbook Layouts and other things.

Here are some of my latest projects that I just got round to putting on my blog.

The layout is of me and my eldest son on the beach in Hornsea, East Yorkshire, England we used to go here nearly every weekend in the summer.

The word HOME is MDF letters bought from Joannes that I covered in wild asparagus papers and then embellished with a few blossoms and charms. It goes well with the new house and I will certainly be making more of these. Infact I even got our son decorating some for his school assignment, he had loads of fun sanding and painting the letters and did a fantastic job.

The flower chipboard album is something I did at a class.


Friday, October 26, 2007


Here are some more photos of Milly, Its been so long since I did any scrapping but these pictures have certainly inspired me to scrap. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a title?
Karlotta on UK Scrappers has a blog A True Friend especially for scrapping about your pets. So I am going to check out the latest challenge and see if I can get my mojo back and join in.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Motherly Love

As promised here is a pic of the puppies we looked at. It was a litter of 3 boys and 3 girls, in the pic are just the girls. One of those puppies will be ours by the end of this evening. I am so excited. We have already chosen a name and are going to call her Milly.

Autumn Beauty

Here is a pic of the beautiful autumn colours taken on 18th and another on the 22nd october.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

I went to the dentist on Wednesday and had two wisdom teeth extracted. Not fun at all I can tell you, my mouth is very slowly on the mend but I feel fed up and sore. The stitches in my mouth are driving me crazy and my tongue just homes in on them all the time, the thought of it just makes me gag. I thought that by getting them both done at the same time it would at least get it over and done with, but now wish I had them done one at a time. I am finding it extremely difficult to eat and can't wait until my mouth is back to normal.

Anyway enough about that

Later on today we are going back to look at the puppies and this time choose the one we want, so I plan on taking my camera this time and getting some pics so watch this space.

Monday, October 8, 2007


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We had a fantastic weekend.

We bought a trampoline for the boys, its massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14ft.

We planned on getting it put up on Saturday but for some strange reason there were no instructions for the enclosure and we ran out of daylight so couldnt get it finished until sunday morning.

Once we made sure the enclosure was fitted properly there was no stopping them. They absolutely love it and I can tell you from personal experience that it is good exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been so hot this weekend on Sat eve at 1045pm it was 85F can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A trampoline isn't the only thing we got this weekend we also put a depostit down on a new PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!

We went to look at some labrador pups that are only 3 weeks old right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well how could we look and resist them, well we couldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next weekend we are going to view them again and will then decide which one we would like and then we have to wait a few more weeks until they are old enough to leave mum.
So Murphy our lab will have a new play mate and I will be busy with a new puppy, I know from experience that its worse than having a new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I am still looking forward to it.
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