Friday, May 30, 2008


We have now been living in the US for 1 year!!!!

What an amazing roller coaster it has been!!!! There has been a lot of ups and a few downs but the ups certainly make up for the downs if you get my drift!!!!

I haven't blogged for a while as we have had some not so good news, which I couldn't share on here!! Anyway for those of you that do know which is probably all of three people things are OK now.

I have almost finished my design team projects just need to get them to the LSS.

I am also in a Penny Black card swap on SCS, so just need to finish my cards off and get them in the post and then I can start on the Card club cards I need to do at the LSS. Not too sure what I will do but I am sure it will involve a Penny Black card. So much to do!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



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I have been doing a little bit or retail therapy today!!! I went to the dentist this morning and my treat afterwards was to pop to Hobby Lobby and Michaels!! I got my MM Carousel with a raincheck I had months ago they were always out of stock, they phoned me last week and I got it today, its so much bigger than I remember!!! I am sure I will have no problems filling it up.

BUT my star buy today was the Threading water punch!!! I have been hunting for this for months now, on SCS people were finding them in Target. I have checked approx 8 times now and even today, but they never had it in stock!!! Anyway when I went to get the MM Carousel I had a quick look in Ms and there it was shouting at me to buy it!!! how could I resist? So all in all I have had a really good day!!!!


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One of my assignements for the design team was to use 8-10 stickers from the sheets I was given. Anyone that knows me knows I HATE stickers!!!!!! I had no idea what I was going to do with these stickers! the fact that they are stickers and also to do with Teeth was difficult!!! Anyway here is my layout, not my favourite in the whole world but never mind, I just need to add a photo and then I am finished!!!!

Just thought I would share something I am working on at the mo, nearly finished just need to get some brads and them its finished.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

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I have changed the way I store my ribbon! the frame that me and dh made was getting a little bit heavy and to be honest was not that stable. So I have been looking around for cup hooks that would be big enough to hold a cafe rod and I found some a few weeks ago they are not cup hooks but very similar, I bought them at K mart but I also saw some at Menards but these are the only 2 places I have found them. I also bought some 1" curtain clips from target $4.99 for 10.I had seen a few home made clip it ups and thought maybe I could do something to hang on my cafe rods. Well this is the result, it works brilliantly I just need to find a cheaper place to buy the clips as I can see me using quite a lot of them. I can also attach book rings to the rod and hang the $1 buckets that I store other things in.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Had a little trip to Michaels yesterday with my coupons!!!

I was very well behaved and only bought some Primas and stamps! The new studio G stamps are fab, I didn't have much time to look at all of them so only picked up 4 so next time I will check the rest of them out!!

I also got a bargain at our local supermarket (store) they were selling 12x12 card for only $1.49 for 40 sheets what a bargain so I picked up a few packs!!!!

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Monday, May 5, 2008


One thing I love about living in the US is coupons!!!! especially when it comes to Michaels or Hobby Lobby!!!! I think it has become a sunday ritual for me to check the paper to see if there are any coupons!!! This week there was a regular 40% off coupon and 50% off coupon (Martha Stewart products only) .

The thanks to a post on SCS I found out that the Parade mag that comes with all the ads in the paper also had a 40% off coupon in there for Michaels too!!!

Every now and then I have started to get email coupons from Michaels and someone always manages to post a link to a coupon on one of the forums I surf!!!

Most weeks I get a coupon for Joannes!! but sadly we do not live near one, but I still subscribe to the website just incase we go somewhere where there is one!!!

Anyway here is a coupon for Michaels and a coupon for Jo-Anne maybe someone can use it!!!!
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