Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have been doing a little bit or retail therapy today!!! I went to the dentist this morning and my treat afterwards was to pop to Hobby Lobby and Michaels!! I got my MM Carousel with a raincheck I had months ago they were always out of stock, they phoned me last week and I got it today, its so much bigger than I remember!!! I am sure I will have no problems filling it up.

BUT my star buy today was the Threading water punch!!! I have been hunting for this for months now, on SCS people were finding them in Target. I have checked approx 8 times now and even today, but they never had it in stock!!! Anyway when I went to get the MM Carousel I had a quick look in Ms and there it was shouting at me to buy it!!! how could I resist? So all in all I have had a really good day!!!!


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  1. I was so thinking about you this morning as I wandered around Michaels and Hobby Lobby - how bizarre (I had a dr. appt. and rushed around like mad after before going to work!) I am surprised we didn't run into each other! Love the carousel. What on earth is a threading water punch?!! Sounds like the retail therapy has done you some good! Kathy

  2. Lucky you :) I love that punch!!
    The carousel looks great too, I'm sure you'll have no problems filling it up!!
    The garden looks beautiful too by the way :)

  3. that punch is wonderful! I love mine and got lucky and found in CA a couple months ago. The MM carousel was on my list but it is too big to sit where I wanted it- do enjoy and go ahead and fill it up girl!


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