Friday, January 20, 2012

Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag–Pattern Review


Today I want to share a bag that I made at the weekend!  This is the first bag I have ever made, and apart from starting a basic quilt and never finishing it! my sewing experience is very limited.

The pattern I used is the Amie Butler Birdie Sling Bag, which you can see online here

Pattern Description “This honey of a sling holds everything and it's easy to make! (Great for beginners.) Modern styling and dynamic proportions will make this one of your favorite carry-all bags!”

I purchased my pattern from my LQS and if I remember correctly it was approx. $13.99.  The fabric I used to make my bag was by Joel dewberry from the Heirloom Collection and was about $9.00 a yard, so including all the interfacing and fleece interfacing this turned out to be quite an expensive bag to make because of the designer fabric I used. This bag cost about $50 to make, mainly because the LQS is much more expensive than your local Hobby Lobby or Joannes! (but I am OK with that as the “big” stores do not carry all the designer fabrics) and this is a LARGE bag.  If I were to make this bag again, I would maybe just use designer fabric for the outside and use cheaper fabric for the lining, or even just use cheaper fabric for all of it. 

Having never made a bag before, I was extremely pleased with the result.  The pattern was extremely easy to follow and even though I have never sewn pleats or gussets, with the help of the instructions I managed to!  So if I can make this bag anyone can. The only thing I disliked about the pattern was the amount of material that it says you need to make the bag.  I had a lot of material left over,enough to make another bag! (which I will share with you soon) and probably a third if I had not originally cut the fabric out as suggested in the pattern.  Overall though it is a great bag, and it is a BIG bag, which will be great for days out on the beach or messing about on the river!

If you got this far reading my review then wow, now I will shut up and let you see some pics.


Look at those gorgeous pleats!DSC09999

Inside of the bag is lined with Joel Dewberry – Tile Flourish, it has 2 quite large pockets (the ones you can see in the pic) and one larger pocket on the opposite side.  Like I said this is one large bag, great for holding all your essentials on the beach………………


ORNATE FLORAL IN AMBER (main part of bag)


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  1. Everything is better w/ pleats! Love the fabric choices too.

  2. You've made a fabulous bag!!! We wouldn't know you've only just begun sewing if you hadn't told us. Love the style and your fabric choice.

  3. Looks amazing. Wonderful fabric choices!

  4. You did a great job for your first bag! Congrats!

  5. This one's beautiful, too! You are dominating some purse patterns :-D

  6. I love al the bags you've made. They are beautiful!

  7. This is gorgeous! I've never tried this pattern but may have to give it a while. Thanks for your review:)
    P.S. Beki of ArtsyCraftyBabe has some great bag patterns(she has an Etsy site) if you want to try any others)

  8. So charming bag!!! Love the color and fabric choices! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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