Wednesday, November 21, 2012



A couple of weeks ago I went to Michaels and I ended up in the yarn section, there were some really fun yarns and I came across a sample of knitted yarn by Red Heart Yarns called Sashay.  I am not sure if you have seen the ruffled scarves around blog land but these scarves are gorgeous. 

This is the first scarf I knitted using colour 1934 Rumba



Now if the truth be told I am not the worlds best knitter and I also have not knitted anything since my youngest child was born which is over 16 years ago now!!!  But I love the sample in Michaels so much I decided to give it a go.  Talk about easy, if you can cast on and knit and then cast off you can make one of these scarves it really is that simple.  There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to knit this particular yarn as its not like normal yarn!

The yarn was on sale at Michaels for $3.99 and I also saw it being sold in Wal-Mart for $4.67.  And I have seen these knitted scarves being sold for $20+, so if you want to save yourself some money then get those knitting needles out.

The first scarf knitted together so quickly I made another one! This was knitted with colour 1946 Ballet.




1.So you don’t start off with it wider at the bottom of one end of the scarf than the other, you want to only cast on 3 stitches then knit the row and then increase by one stich each row until you have 6.  This isn’t really necessary but it means that it matches the cast off end better when finishing the scarf.  My first scarf where I cast on 6 stitches at the beginning looks much wider than the cast off end but isn’t really noticeable by anyone but me.

2.To get a good ruffle effect for the particular scarf you want to knit into every 2nd or even 3rd space at the edge of the yarn. (The pattern doesn’t mention this.) If you knit into each space, you’ll end up with a spiral scarf and no ruffles! I found this out pretty earlier on when it didn’t look like ruffles at al, so then decided to mix it up with sometimes knitting into each 2nd hole and then into the 3rd hole, and then two 3rd holes and then two 2nd holes, it really doesn’t matter which order it just means your making ruffles.

And if I confused you even more, leave me a comment and I can try and explain it a little better.


  1. I really love the pink one, well knitted that girl!

  2. I love those ruffled scarves, yours have turned out great. I've seen them with beads on the ruffles too, now there is a challenge!

  3. These are so pretty! I love the colors! I am a new follower after finding you through a linky party. I hope that you will stop by my site if you get a chance.


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