Tuesday, November 27, 2012


OMG I just got an email from someone who seemed extremely pleased with themselves!!!!
ditman has left a new comment on your post "Union Jack No2 - Right way round and traditional c...":
Hey there! I've just found this post looking for union jack flags on Google!
I used your design for an iPhone case I did for my girlfriend, check it out!
Regards and thanks for posting such a beautiful piece of work!
So I went and checked it out, only to find that he has used my picture.  Now if he had sent me an email asking then I would probably been happy to let him use it, however he didn’t and not only that I do have a copyright notice all over my blog and have since 2007!!! so annoying

this is the picture that he used of mine, which I have now splashed a big watermark on
and this is what he did with it, its lovely but……………………………….. UPDATE

I sent him an email but as yet no reply, I doubt I will get one BUT come on world!
So just incase he reads this, I know his name, where he works and he is from Spain, what am i hoping to gain from this?  I guess an apology or something!!!!  He has until tomorrow or I am going to name and shame on this blog!

Update apology received and photos removed.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I hope he apologizes.

  2. Go girl! I had to ask someone in Russia not long ago to remove my pictures and parts of my blog post that she copied without permission. She was polite about it and removed the entire thing from her blog. Good luck with getting your issue resolved.


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