Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Jenny and the card is in the post today! sorry I am so forgetful. Maybe the 1st thing I should make with my BIA (which is still in the box) is a birthday book or something to help me remember important dates and for once get organised!!!

I still haven't managed to tidy up my scrap room properly but I have made a start! so hepefully I will start scrapping agian. I have some great pictures of the boys that I would like to scrap and even have some papers but just can't seem to motivate myself.

Anyway must get on and do some housework.


  1. maybe we need to set a scrapping date to get you motivated?!!Kathy
    Bring your BIA to Trempealeau tomorrow eveing (Community Crafters weekend) - I will gladly help you break it in!!!!

  2. Hi...

    Just been catching up - saw your link from a post over on uks - remembered you posting about moving - sounds like you have settled in really well. Your views are amazing. Love your stash shopping bargains too.

  3. Thanks Sam!
    Loving all the pictures on your blog. The snow looks great, we have some today but not as much as you!


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