Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am still full of cold and my ears are so blocked I feel like they are full of water so I haven't been up to much, no scrapping or crafting. I still havn't taken my bind it all out of the box !!!!!

The snow is starting to thaw at the moment and it all looks quite mucky but apparently it is going to snow tommorow so that will probably cover up the mucky snow and the bare patches!!!!

Milly has been very mischevious lately and decided to eat a dvd and cd yesterday and in the process has taken a little chunk out of her tongue, the vet said it will be fine!!!! then this morning I woke up to destruction again!!!! she had completely destroyed a wicker plant pot and it was strewn all over the family room I have now finally cleared it up but it took about an hour as I blocked the dyson up and had to sit there with a screwdriver unblocking it!!!!! I will give her one more chance at behaving and if she doesnt I think I will get her crate back out! She looks like a little angel but really she is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that you have a miserable cold Sam, hope it gets a whole heap better soon. That little Bind-it-All must be straining at the leash to get out of its box. Mind you, I'm a great one to talk, my DH got me a Cricut Expression for Xmas and it too is still in its box... uhummm! Far too much happening over the hols.

    Oh dear.... Milly! The photos are adorable and she looks like butter wouldn't melt. Isn't it funny how they always manage to 'turn on' that look just when you've made up your mind to give them what for? With a face like that I'd forgive her anything.

  2. Hope you're feeling better Sam!


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