Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Proud Mummy Moment

The other week ds2 came home and told us that he had been chosen to be one of the four out of his class to take part in the school spelling bee (spelling comp for all you english peeps). I was as pleased as punch considering he has only been at the school for less than 3 months. Not only that but some words in English are spelt slightly different in American English and he also has the accent to contend with too. Now since he has known about this he has been so nervous about doing it, the day he told me about it he got all upset as he was worried about making a fool of himself in front of the whole school. I explained to him the fact that he had been chosen was a feet in itself, even if he came last in the competition it would not matter and this seemed to make him feel better about the whole thing.

Anyway, the spelling bee was yesterday afternoon which I went along to watch. Well he did extremely well, he actually WON it, out of the whole school my little baby WON I was and am so pleased for him and felt so proud of him. This now means he goes along to a regional competition and represents his school. So as you can imagine I am one happy proud mum at the moment.


  1. Well done to DS2! You must be one proud Mum. I can appreciate just what an achievement this is.... I too went to an anglo-american school for a time and the spelling can be very different to 'English'. It wasn't bad while I was there but when I came home and took O level English Lang I realised just how confusing things can get. Thank goodness for Spell-Checker!
    Hope you're feeling better now.

  2. toot toot to DS2 - WTG! Mummy should be proud - except they will have to be proud mommy moments now!


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