Friday, June 27, 2008


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You won't believe the day I have had!!!!

About an hour after cleaning the dog off!!!!! I went into the house and started doing housework!!! I was in a rush to get things done and was in the process of hoovering the kitchen floor so I could mop it and I had nothing on my feet as my crocs were wet from cleaning the bloody dog!!!! anyway I ended up gashing my toe with the hoover as I was flying around like a mad women trying to get tidied up. So now have about a 2 inch cut in my big toe!!!!!

Then to make things worse after coming back from the dentist I find both dogs out!!! (ds2 let them out) and this time both of them had decided to play in mud!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! so I washed them both off, they were not happy dogs I can tell you. Even though they are both Labradors and love to swim in the water, they absolutely hate the hose pipe so its a pretty stressful time cleaning them off.

After sorting them out I went to find out where they are getting so mucky (because in such hot weather where could this mud be!!!!). Anyway I walk round the back to find that the pool is half empty or half full (bearing in mind this is not a little paddling pool but a 15ft pool) whatever you want to call it!!!! I think great we have a puncture, but on further inspection I find that the filter has come undone and the water is coming out from that and by the side of it is a wallowing pool of mud!!!!!! So there you have it a day of nightmares!!!!

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not looking very happy with herself!!!!!!

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Here she is!!! wanting in!!!! no way was she coming in the house before I cleaned her!!!!

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Its absolutely beautiful here at the moment, the sun is shining and it feels good!

I had to bath Milly or shall I say spray her with the hose pipe and wash her down. She looked more like a chocolate labrador than a yellow lab!!! I have no idea what she had been doing but somewhere in our garden she found the muddiest puddle ever and I am talking thick gloopy mud!!!! that sticks. Apart from the wet dog smell (which I can't stand) she is now looking like a normal yellow lab!!

I tried out for 2 design teams recently but sadly I didn't get on them. I guess its a case of ..... if you don't try you never know. The fact that I am on my local scrapbook shops design team must mean that I can't be that bad!!!! I might keep submitting to other design teams as after all it is a bit of fun !!!! and you never know one day I might get on another one!

I have loads to do today so really should be getting on instead of procrastinating like I do! I need to do some stamped images for my friend Lori on SCS and then I have to make a start on the cards for the card club swap I am in at my local shop. This time they are Thank You cards. I will post a pic when I get around to doing them.

Thanks for reading and have a great day whoever you are wherever you are.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friends Layout

Here is the layout I made with my cricut last night using the accent essentials cart. TFL

Supplies Used: Thickers alphas, prima blossom,other silk blossoms from Dunelms, Papermania brad, cardstock - Bazzil, PP - ?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cricut Expression

I have just finished doing a layout using my new cricut expression!!! I thought it was about time I got it out of the box and set it up!!! seeing as I have had it for over a week now!!!

Well what can I say!!! I absolutely love it, so much more fun than the little cricut!!!! I can see myself using the expression a lot more than I ever used the little cricut. The accent essentials cart that came with it is also a great cart and will prob be one of my faves.

I will post my layout tommorow as its too dark at the moment to take a decent photo of it.

Thanks for reading and dont forget to say hello.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Hope all you dads out there are having a great day, we have had a busy day which is why I am posting this at 11.33.

I spent last night with the boys making their cards to give to their dad and he loved them. So glad because this time they did everything themselves without any help from me.

I had a great day yesterday and the boys bought me some rubber stamps for my birthday. I also bought another Martha Stewart punch and some primas to play with!

I forgot to mention that I spent most of Friday evening tidying up my scraproom, I can now see the tables!!! and I rearranged most of it and it looks so much better.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It is my birthday today!!!! so the boys are taking me shopping to buy me a birthday present at Hobby Lobby.

I love it when they choose a birthday present for me, esp if it is craft related as everytime I use whatever they buy it brings back memories of that particular birthday. So I wonder what they will buy me today!!!! I'll report back later.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have finally managed to make my Fathers day cards and I just posted them. Here's hoping that they get to Greece and England on time!!!

I used my new Penny Black clear stamps that I received the other day from Isabelle at the Stampbuzz.

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We are OK

I have had a few messages asking if we are all OK what with the weather as it is or has been!!!

Apart from the trampoline incident we are all fine and the weather here in La Crosse is back to normal hot and sunny!

However, in some parts of Wisconsin they are having it really bad with flash floods and tornados!!! I just hope people are OK and manage to get through it all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pics of the trampoline its upside down!



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Dee in the garden last weekend.

Does she look like she is talking??????

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Birthday RAKS Tornado winds

Its my birthday next week and today I received some lovely cards from two lovely ladies of SCS, Thanks go to atouchof_sol and 4everstamping it brightened up my day especially seeing as I was at the dentist first thing this morning. I also received some lovely Penny Black images from my friend Cindy (Cynamon) on USCS, thanks Cindy.

My cricut finally arrived at what time I dont know as dh came home from work to find it sat in his parking space in the gargae, I had the garage open most of the day as I was in and out of it but I was not impressed that it was just left without him even knocking on the door or ringing the bell!!! I still havent had time to play with it yet!!!!

Last night was a really bad night as far as the weather goes, we woke up at 3am, I looked out of the window and the trampoline had gone!!! now its a 15ft trampoline so i was shocked . Anyway I looked out of the front door to see if I could see and there it was!!! Will post a pic of it later!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cricut Expression

Last Friday I ordered myself a cricut expression for my birthday. I got a great deal at AC Moore for a bundle which included 4 carts for $330 or there abouts!

Now according to UPS its been in town since 1.30am yet it still isn't here!!!! I keep looking out of the window wondering if I missed it but nope its still not here!!!
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