Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You won't believe the day I have had!!!!

About an hour after cleaning the dog off!!!!! I went into the house and started doing housework!!! I was in a rush to get things done and was in the process of hoovering the kitchen floor so I could mop it and I had nothing on my feet as my crocs were wet from cleaning the bloody dog!!!! anyway I ended up gashing my toe with the hoover as I was flying around like a mad women trying to get tidied up. So now have about a 2 inch cut in my big toe!!!!!

Then to make things worse after coming back from the dentist I find both dogs out!!! (ds2 let them out) and this time both of them had decided to play in mud!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! so I washed them both off, they were not happy dogs I can tell you. Even though they are both Labradors and love to swim in the water, they absolutely hate the hose pipe so its a pretty stressful time cleaning them off.

After sorting them out I went to find out where they are getting so mucky (because in such hot weather where could this mud be!!!!). Anyway I walk round the back to find that the pool is half empty or half full (bearing in mind this is not a little paddling pool but a 15ft pool) whatever you want to call it!!!! I think great we have a puncture, but on further inspection I find that the filter has come undone and the water is coming out from that and by the side of it is a wallowing pool of mud!!!!!! So there you have it a day of nightmares!!!!

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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