Monday, August 27, 2012

Pay It Forward Swap

Yes I have MIA again, you know how it is summer comes around and there is so much to do or you just want to enjoy the sunshine!  Life in this household got a little hectic, so there was not much enjoying the sunshine!

We remodeled our basement in May, and then at the end of may I went out to work, just temporary, in-between working we managed to fit in a family holiday in June, and in August I stopped working and we remodeled the boys bathroom a few weeks ago and then a week later we remodeled the kitchen so there was not much spare time for blogging or much else.  But I do have lots of posts to share on the remodel process, when I get around to writing the posts.  My craft room is starting to look just how I imagined it, and I am excited to share it with you, I just need to get my butt into gear and take some decent photos of it. 

In the mean time I have something else to share!

Back in January, I signed up on  blog for a Pay it Forward Swap  and way back in May I received this gorgeous pouch (all the way from Australia) from Kat who blogs over at Diary of a Flutter Kat


DSC00243She stalked me well and chose to make a pouch with a cup of tea on it!  How cute is it, look at the lace on the zipper, how girly, and if you know me having two boys means I love girlie.

DSC00244DSC00245The Back of the pouch, so cute, love the lace.DSC00246

I knew when I signed up to this that it would be a while before I could fill my side of the pay it forward, and not long after receiving the gorgeous pouch from Kat, life got a little crazy busy around here, so I didn't post this post because I like to get things in the mail quickly and not have them hanging over me.
But now here goes....
Who would like to pay it forward with me & receive a little handmade gift from UKMUMINUSA   ??????


So now it is my turn to Pay it forward and if you want to join in then this is how it works:

**  I will make a little something for the first 3 people who comment on this post and  send me an email with their address saying  they want to play.
**  It will be a surprise and it will arrive when you least expect it.
**  I will have 365 days to do it in. What's the catch? To get a handmade present from me, you have to play too! This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to 3 readers of your blog (but remember you will have 365 days to make and send it too). It needs to be handmade.
**  You must have a blog.
**  Once you receive your "little something", you must post about your Pay it Forward on your blog to keep the fun going - be sure to use the Pay It Forward badge.

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