Friday, May 9, 2008


I have changed the way I store my ribbon! the frame that me and dh made was getting a little bit heavy and to be honest was not that stable. So I have been looking around for cup hooks that would be big enough to hold a cafe rod and I found some a few weeks ago they are not cup hooks but very similar, I bought them at K mart but I also saw some at Menards but these are the only 2 places I have found them. I also bought some 1" curtain clips from target $4.99 for 10.I had seen a few home made clip it ups and thought maybe I could do something to hang on my cafe rods. Well this is the result, it works brilliantly I just need to find a cheaper place to buy the clips as I can see me using quite a lot of them. I can also attach book rings to the rod and hang the $1 buckets that I store other things in.

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