Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The above photo is our dog Murphy who we flew to the US all the way from England. He is settling down in his new home and last night came very very close to a deer in the garden so close that it snorted at him or whatever deer do. It scared the life out of me as it was dark at the time. It worries me to think of the damage a deer could do to a dog.

With the children back to school I have much more time on my hands. BUT have I done any crafting since they went back NO, Looks like I have lost my mojo!! But I haven't lost it for stash shopping!!!!! I won't post on here what I bought yesterday but they are now hidden away in my craft cupboard!!!! I spent $50 and now I am feeling guilty about it. Especially seeing as I received a stamp order the other day and also put in an order on Monday that wasn't bad $17 but I have way exceeded my spending limit for the next couple of months. Do any of you do that ? buy things and hide it? I would love to know if you do and what was your recent purchase? I am going to behave myself now as I have so much stash and haven't used most of it so I will start using it and I might even do some scrapping.

If any of you read my blog please leave a comment as its getting awfully quiet on here.

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  1. LOL at the stash shopping Sam!! Stop telling me about the great deals! We'll make a pact, no more shopping this month!
    Looks like Murphy is enjoying the deck! Speak soon,


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