Monday, September 3, 2007


Its been a busy week this week, so not much blogging going on. The bread baking is working like a dream, I baked rolls the other day and they were just perfect (even if I say so myself) just how dh likes them crusty on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside. So its fresh rolls for lunch in this house from now on. I will post a picture soon, its just been a case of they come out of the oven and get eaten before I can take a picture!!! UPDATE PICTURE NOW ADDED

We went to Wisconsin Dells again yesterday. This time we went to Tipleys Believe it or not, the boys thought this was great. Then we went to Alligator Alley, we had our pics taken with an alligator and the boys and dh had there pic with a massive alinopython, I didnt do this one as I just don't do snakes!!!!! We fed live rats to the alligators which was quite amazing how fast they captured it, but a bit sad and sick at the same time, mixed feelings on this!!!

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