Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I just read some of the posts that I have made on this blog and I am SHOCKED at my grammar and spelling!!!! Let me just say that when I do type on this blog I am in a major rush so type as fast as I can and do not really check it for grammar or spelling, IRL my grammar and spelling is not as bad as it looks on here!!!

Yesterday was a fab fun day, I had friends Kathy and Debs round for a crop, it was more like a chatting session and then when Debs went it was a cut as much as you can from the paper dolls cuttlebug cart session!!!!!

I had a good day even if I did only get one layout done (it was a double layout!!!)

Not only that Kathy also bought me some BISTO from when she was away from home the other week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh BISTO I love it, so guess what we are having for tea tonight!!!?????????????????? Roast Beef and Yorshire pud, with BISTO gravy YUMMY.

By the way you people that lurk and read my blog dont leave without posting a comment as I am starting to think that I talk to myself and that I am going mad!!!

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