Tuesday, September 4, 2007



The peace and quiet in the house is fantastic for now anyway I am sure I will find it too quiet in a few months time.

I went to Michaels today and got a sizzix machine for $7, can you believe it. I already have one but at that price its good to have a backup and anyway the cutting mat would cost more that in the UK to buy. To think I bought mine for 50 pounds last year!!!!

I also bought some gamsol and stumps yesterday but havent got any prisma coloured pencils to try the technique out so I just used normal pencils. It wasnt too bad but I will have to get some Prisma pencils to see what I think.

David found a snake in the garden today!!! He thought it was a big worm and then realised!!! I really do not like snakes but this one seemed pretty harmless at least it wasnt a rattle snake!!! Still no pictures of my fab bread rolls as they got eaten!!!! Will try and get one soon.

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