Friday, January 21, 2011

Stash Collection

I am slowly trying to build up my fabric collection, I really do not have much at all. So as promised yesterday, here is the result of my little trip yesterday.
Hobby Lobby does a very small collection of jelly rolls, charms and fat quarters. I really love the colours of these so couldn't resist. This bundle of 5 fat quarters was $9.99 but I also had a 40% off coupon so used that to buy it! I just love coupons. I plan on going back and buying some of the jelly rolls and charms for this collection of fabric.

I spotted some fabric on the bolt that I thought would go with these colors so bought half a yard each of those too.

I am a sucker for the clearance sections, so I always end up checking them out and find the brown and aqua fabric. I am hoping that these fabrics will be for my next quilt in a green, white aqua theme, and I might just add the brown and aqua fabric for a little bit of contrast.

I found this fabric in the home d├ęcor fabric aisle I spotted the beige material for only $4 a yard so I bought a yard of that too, I have plans on making some sort of tote or bag with it.

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