Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Union Jack

If you read my previous post, you will know all about the frustration I encountered the other day. Well, I don't give up very easily, it could have something to do with the fact that I can be very stubborn. Well I wasn't going to be beat by this Union Jack. So I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how to do paper piecing, I should have practised on something else but I just wanted to do the UJ, I have learnt quite a few things!!! This UJ is not perfect by all means, but it was a practice piece, if you look at the second photo you will notice I didn't cut my fabric big enough so I have a gap, can you spot it? The other thing I realised after putting the flag together is that the pattern on four twin sisters site is not correct for paper piecing a union jack. Can you tell what is wrong with it?

Look at the thick white lines they are not correct on my paper piecing, because the image is reversed when you add your fabric to the wrong side (the non printed side). Below is how a union jack should look

My little hole, lesson Number 1 - Make sure you cut your fabric big enough, don't scrimp....

So here I am doing the union jack in the colours its meant to be. This time I went online and found some clip art of a union jack and reversed the picture, because if you didn't spot it with the other union jack the white stripes are all wrong, this is because what your getting is a reversed image and the other pattern I used was wrong, so I corrected that this time, or at least I think I have, I will know when I have finished the whole thing, my brain does not do well at thinking in reverse!

I am not sure if I like paper piecing, however there is no way that I could of done a union jack by doing it the other way as my lining up leaves a lot to be desired, at least this way it will be straight!


  1. Ah! I visited last night at about 4 in the morning...I was up with a bach ache, yikes! Anyhow it wouldn't let me comment so let me try again...

    Your flag turned out wonderful! I sure hope you do keep up with the paper piecing, it makes SO many projects a zillion times easier. Can you tell I'm a big fan? If ever I can help in anyway don't hesitate to ask, I'm a bit of a quilt nut. ;)

    Maybe for your next one it would help to label what color your going to use on each little space of your printed paper piecing template. Then you won't mix up the colors...I have done a lot of that as well, it just takes a little practice. I have done a LOT of paper piecing but I still goof up, but it's still one of my favorite techniques. ;)

  2. I've TOTALLY done the same thing! I was determined to do a paper piecing union jack and made the same mistakes. I have a pattern now I bought, but I am still planning on taking another stab at it... It's almost been a year!! lol

  3. psssssst... I finished my pattern!!!!


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