Thursday, January 27, 2011

Union Jack No2 - Right way round and traditional colours

Another Union Jack paper piecing, this time the traditional colours and the correct way round. I like the traditional colours,and to keep my dh happy ........

However, I do think my 1st flag was much more fun, dh commented that it was the wrong colour and didn't look right, what does he know about design!!!???

So here is another UJ that I paper pieced, this time because I reversed the flag on the computer before printing out the pattern, when pieced together it meant that instead of being a reversed image of the union jack it would be the correct way round. Be aware that this was not the case with the pattern that I got from the four twin sisters site, the flag has not been reversed so when you piece with this pattern it ends up the wrong way round. The reson I keep mentioning this is so that if you decide to do this pattern, be aware of it. I was a little peeved when I finished my 1st flag only to realise after that it was the wrong way round.

I imagine with a lot of images this does not tend to be much of a problem, but I think to be true to the UJ this needed to be right or it would just have bugged me every time I looked at it.

So I need some input, I am going to make a pillow with this union jack and I am not sure about the border should I do a single white border, or triple border in red white and blue or just blue or red border what do you think?? The size of the UJ is 8.5 x 11 inches.

had to remove one of my pics as it was stolen !!!!!



  1. Cute! I've made a Union Jack pillow and it ended being a lot trickier than I thought it would be. After looking at yours, I had to go see if I made mine in reverse. :)

  2. hi dear ur post is nice u have done a nice job pillow shams

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