Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Half Square Triangles–Cushion


You may have seen the Swoon Quilt I finished up recently, if not you can read all about it here and here.

If you have made one of these quilts and you make the half square triangles (HST) as shown in the pattern you will know by the end of piecing the quilt top that you will have absolutely loads and loads of HST left over! They measure approx. 2.5" inches

A little bit like this



I have been wondering what to do with all the HST for a while now and I decided  it was about time I did something with them, So on Saturday evening at  about 9pm I got the bright urge to make some cushions! I then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening sewing searching for ideas on a design. I saw some great photos and found lots of inspiration but to be honest I have no idea where I got this particular idea from as I looked at so many different photos and blogs. What I have found out is that I think the pattern I settled on is called “Raising the Barn”. Please let me know if I am completely wrong.

So at about 11pm I sat down with my design board  poster boards covered in batting and my HST I came up with a layout that I liked, and I was going to say I whipped it up in no time, but that’s not true at all, I was tired and went to bed, and started sewing the next day. And this is what I ended up with……………


I used the  Zippered Pillow Back Tutorial by Amy who blogs over at Amy Made That and if your interested my new blogging friend Chrissie who blogs over at Made by Chrissied  also has a great Cushion /Pillow Tutorial  it  is a little bit different and uses double sided fusible to attach the zip into place to make it easier to sew, I am sure if you are zip challenged like I am then this will certainly help you. I  added a bright turquoise zip to contrast with the zip flap on the cushion which I forgot to photograph!  For the quilting I  sewed two diagonal lines across from each corner.




I am pretty pleased with the way this cushion turned out as it matches my swoon quilt beautifully.



The cushion insert for my pillow is a duck feathered  filling, 20x20 inches, from Ikea, if you need cushions this is the place to buy them,  they are pretty cheap too at $6.99. I can’t wait for another trip to Ikea to buy more.  Luckily when I was there last time I bought a few!


  1. Gorgeous! It goes perfectly with your Swoon quilt - great work!

  2. What a great way to use up those HST's! Love your dogs too. And I am a new follower:)

  3. The cushion and swoon are really terrific. I love using up left over parts to make something special.

  4. Your pillow and swoon quilt look amazing :) I always make extra HST when I am doing flying geese or things like that. I'm visiting from Fabric Tuesday


  5. Gorgeous pillows Sam. I have a ton of HST left over from making may stars quilt. I just might make a couple of cushions like yours :)

  6. Cushion is great and you've got me thinking about what to do with all the HSTs I create when I'm making my binding and I'm totally in looooovvve with your Swoon quilt. Thanks for the shout out, I've done one back on my facebook page :)

  7. Looks good, don't you just love getting great ideas at bedtime.

  8. Very very beautiful! Love those colours!!!
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