Saturday, May 25, 2013

26 Inch Swoon Cushion

The last time I went on a trip to Minneapolis not only did I go to my favourite fabric store but I also went to IKEA, I had a plan in mind and dragged along hubby to be my helper!  I wanted some cushion inserts and knew that they were pretty cheap at IKEA.  Well I hit a jackpot they  also had duck feathered cushions.  I bought 6 of the 20 inch cushions and also bought a 26 inch cushion too.  I had plans to make the 26 inch cushion into a swoon pillow for my bed.  After using up some of the half square triangles the other day I was on a roll with making cushions so decided to make a Swoon Cushion and here it is
This time I fussy cut the centre square of the star using the same fabric I used for the border on my quilt and then incorporated the binding fabric into the star and used up a fat quarter I had left over from originally making my swoon quilt.  I think from now on when I buy fat quarters to make a quilt I will buy a few extra just in case I want to make cushions or I mess up cutting.


This cushion is just perfect for relaxing in bed and reading a good book. I am currently reading 40 Love by Sophie Kinsella, a completely easy read that requires no effort the sort of book that you read just before bed. What are you reading at the moment, have you a favourite book you can recommend.


  1. Love the cushion and it's soooo long since I went to Ikea and not quite the same now I don't have a car to bring all my goodies home in! I've always got 2 or 3 books on the go at any one time and none of them ever make good, easy bedtime reading - something to do with the type of book clubs I'm a member of! :)

  2. Never think of IKEA for cushion inserts, will definitely have to check them out now!

    Have been reading all of the Cousins War series by Phillippa Gregory and re-reading Game of Thrones, so I can keep up with the TV series :)

  3. Oh man that is pretty! Love the colors (and layout of them) that you chose. What a fun pillow for your bed!


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