Thursday, May 9, 2013

Union Jack and Bee Blocks

I missed WIP Wednesday this week, probably due to the excitement of finishing my sons graduation quilt!
but I am working on something, a little something for ME!  These are my tester blocks for a Bee I am taking part in (see details below).
I am  participating in a online Bee with a group of ladies I met from a 3x6 Bee that I took part in on Flickr.  We all got along so well we decided to have our own Bee, we have named ourselves “Stars in their Eyes”  With this Bee we choose what blocks we would like other members to make us and they use their own fabric, so it saves on the cost of sending out fabric, I like it this way.
May is our first month of doing this and its Lisa's month, she requested +&X blocks, these are so much fun to make.  We will normally be making 2 blocks for the persons whose month it is, Lisa's blocks are only 8 inches so instead of the 2,  I made four, also because I wanted to see how this would go together, Lisa is making this quilt for Molly.  I am excited to see how this all comes together, its going to be beautiful.



  1. I love your blocks!! I soooooo wish I would have had time this month for a bee. If you do a new round, I would love to take part!! xoxo

  2. Love the top block, very shabby chic!

  3. Oh I'm loving them all - I take it these are for the bee you mentioned to me? And a taste of home in those top blocks ;)

  4. Like the X&+ blocks - might have to add them to the "make someday" list too.


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