Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As I was driving off the drive this afternoon to go to college guess what I saw!!!!!!??????? in our garden!!!!!!!


I had to look twice!!!!! I couldn't quite believe what I saw, now this was not a little teddy bear!!! but a great big bear. Only 5 minutes earlier I had let the dogs out to do their thing before leaving, had I come across this big bear at the time I have no idea what I would have done, pretty scarey when you think about it!!!! I am also not sure what the dogs would have done either!!! which really worries me, I think and hope they would have backed off, but knowing Milly she would of probably stood there and barked a lot, where as Murphy is normally very timid I think he would have probably done the same! I am so glad I was in the car at the time!!!! but it is such a shame I did not have a camera.

As I went down the hill I saw a lady walking her dog and told her not to go up towards our end of the road as I had seen a bear, she was not bothered by it at all, infact she told me that she had heard about it roaming the neighbourhood recently!!!!!!!! I guess coming from England this is not normal to me and she was not fazed by it at all. Anyway I am still worried about letting the dogs out, I guess I will ahve to be on my guard.

Check this article out:


  1. You had quite a day! I don't think I would be so nonchalant if I was walking the dog and you told me there was a bear!

  2. Yikes, Sam! A bear sighting in my neighbourhood would certainly shake me up. As much as I'd like to see a real live bear, I donno how I'd react in your situation. Still, pity you did not have your camera, eh?


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