Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I thought I would come and say hello!!! I have not vanished off the face of the earth! I have just been so busy with college work that I have not had time for much else lately!!!! I can't remember the last time I ventured into my scrap room and did some scrapping! It is such a mess that even if I had some time to scrap it would probably take me a couple of hours to tidy up.

So its Halloween!!!! I just love it. The boys have their costumes ready and we managed to carve a pumpkin last night, I bought some fab stencils that I was unable to use as the pumpkin had started to rot! so I had to turn the rotten bit into the mouth and make do with it. We put up a few decorations and went to Michaels to buy some more as they were on sale at 50% off and I can't resist a bargain! I can't quite believe that I walked out of there without buying a new punch that I had in my hands!!!!!! and I had a coupon too!!! It was the new Martha Stewart embossed owl. I will have to go back and get it as I can see myself using it quite a bit, that is when I get time!!!!!

Anyway gotta dash as clothes to wash, rooms to vacuum, food to buy Oh and homework!!!!

Have a great Halloween and don't eat too many SWEETS (candy).


  1. Happy Halloween Sam :)
    We are ready to go too! pumpkin carved, decorations up, just hope the weather improves, very cold wintry showers here!


  2. Hope your Halloween was scary! Love the yard art - specially that "Beware" sign!
    Was starting to wonder what had happened - I know exactly what you mean about being too busy for this though - it is time consuming, but also nice to catch up too!


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