Friday, October 3, 2008


I have just discovered how easy it is to stamp candles, well not actually stamp on candles but using stamps to embelish candles.

On my travels surfing the internet, I have often seen beautifully decorated candles and often thought about having a go! But, I never got round to doing it. Anyway tonight I thought I would have a little play. I had a candle that was starting to look a little old and grubby, so thought I would give it a go and at least I would not be ruining a brand new candle. So I stamped my image onto tissue paper, coloured it in with pencils, positioned it onto the candle and then wrapped waxed paper onto the candle and started heating it up with my heat gun. You can tell if it working or not as the image changes colour as it melts into the candle. I then took the waxed paper off. I was absolutely amazed at how neat it looks, I will certainly be making more of these very soon. Infact my mission for the morning is to go and buy some candles!!!!!! Guess what I will be making for christmas gifts this year!!!! Anyway I will hopefully get some done and post some pics very soon. If your reading this and have done this technique please leave me a link to your blog so I can check your candles out and leave a comment.


  1. Candle stamping is something I really like doing, Sam. However, I must try using the waxed paper. Good idea. The way I was taught years ago, was to heat up a large spoon and rub that over the tissue paper to melt it into the candle. But the wax paper sounds much better.
    Here's a link to a candle I stamped last Spring.
    Btw, thanks to you, I purchased several Forever Bears from England. Thanks alot, Sam, LOL! Cannot wait for them to get here.

  2. Beautiful results Sam and a great idea for Christmas gifts. Hope you have a good shopping expidition... I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Loving that technique Sam - it looks lovely!

  4. wow those are neat - I would love to have a go along with millions of other ideas running through my head but too little time!! Great teacher gifts I think!!!! Kathy


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