Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Not much happening here today, apart from a lot of rain!!!

When it rains here it really rains. We have had roaring thunder and lightning. Its really amazing, I love to just watch it. Its nothing like the rain we get in England it just completely chucks it down!!!!

We popped out to get some groceries and it was like a lake on the road, spray going all over the place. At least the car got a good wash.

Not done any crafting today at all. I have spent most of my time doing research on the internet as we are looking to buy a new camera. I am thinking about either this sony a or this canon but I am a little confused by it all.

So if any of you people out there have any suggestions for me let me know as I would be interested in any views or opinions on them.

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