Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fed Up

Maybe its all the rain that we have had in the last couple of days but I feel a little fed up today.

One of the difficult things about moving to another country is starting all over again to make new friends. I suppose it is even harder when it is a new country because of different cultures. Lucky for me I don't have to contend with a different language but I do find that because of my english accent I am noticed more easily!!! this wouldn't be so bad if I was an extrovert, but I'm not.

I guess it will be easier when the boys go back to school and I can get out and about and meet people.

I spend quite a bit of time online at UK Scrappers and split coast stampers.

I have lost my mojo for scrapping at the moment but seem to have my mojo for making cards, maybe its a good time to get on top of my christmas cards. I have joined the SCS RAK list and have sent out a RAK to someone in AL. I have stamped some images for another person in Carlisle, Kentucky (which I will post on Monday) (so if your reading this stalk your postie. I think I will be getting a RAK in the post soon as I got a pm from one of the girls on SCS so that will be fab as I could really do with some happy mail right now!

Anyway seeing as I find blogs without any pics boring here is something I made for our new HOME last month.

Right, enough whining I am off to do some stamping


  1. We've not had that much trouble but all we've had is rain here too and I am afraid it will start to cause trouble. Plus, we were camping this weekend- had to head home early!

  2. Hi Sam! Just started reading your blog - great job. Now I need to get mine updated!
    By the way, I am the one in Carlisle KY (stampinky53) that you sent those darling Penny Black duckling images to--I love them! Gotta love SCS WishRak!!


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