Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year


My first blog post of 2014!!!!!!

If your a follower of my blog then you will already know that 2014 was an extremely difficult year for me and my family with lots of uncertainty at times and lots of changes.

We sold our home in Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota, so not a big move, but an extremely trying move, with house buying falling through, our dog getting extremely sick at the same time, and people trying to rip us off left right and centre, including a not limited to realtors, HVAC repair man, vets, the list is endless.

We moved in August and 2 weeks later our eldest son went off to college.

Then sadly we lost our beloved big boy Murphy in October.  So to be honest I will be happy to see the back of 2013.


During 2013 quilting and sewing kept my sanity, it was my escape!!! I did manage to complete and finish a number of quilts. But since moving I have only managed to do a little bit of sewing here and there.

I went on a quilt retreat in November for a much needed escape and had a great time, the best retreat I have been on thanks to all the sponsors that donated prizes of patterns, fabric, and templates.


I did complete a quilt top, but have yet to add the border and backing and get it quilted so that's one thing to add to my 2014 to finish list.

Rear Windows designed by Amy Walsh

IMG_2086(sorry about the photo! late at night iphone photo)

Christmas in our new home was just the four of us.  So it was a quiet Christmas, just how we like it.

So now I am excited to start a New Year.  This year I hope to be a little more organised with my blog than I was last year!

I have a few quilts that I want to make this year and a few projects I want to complete:

Flower Girl by Bonnie and Camille - I have the fabric cut out already.

Gypsy Wife - I won the pattern in a giveaway, which I just realised I forgot to blog about!
(another blog post I need to write about)


Green Tea and Beans – This is another pattern by Jen Kingswell and I would like to add this to my ever growing list, If you have already made this and want to get rid of your used copy then please send me a message!

City Sampler Quilt - I have started making blocks for this quilt, way back in June but then we moved. 


Farmers Wife Quilt - I started making blocks for this quilt in October 2013.  So far I have made 12 blocks and I am really enjoying the process, I would love to finish this quilt in 2014. If I get organised this week then I will blog about some of the blocks I have made so far!

So what do you have on your to do list for 2014?  Any quilts that you plan to make? what about sewalongs? are you taking part in any?


  1. Hope 2014 turns out to be a much better year for you and yours Sam! Looks like you have some great projects in the making.

  2. I hope 2014 is a great year for you! Here's to lots of happy sewing!

  3. I have lots on my list for 2014, just not totally sure what it exactly all is! I would like to make an improv quilt, but first I have to decide on a color palette for that. I have a few other quilts I wouldn't mind making, too.

  4. I agree...I'm so glad 2013 is in the rear view mirror. I'm so happy to hear all the fun things you have planned for the year! Looking forward to reading about it!!

  5. I appreciate getting to know you and pray that 2014 runs a little smoother! We had several medical issues arise last year and my husband battled cancer for the second time....and cancer free as of today! So many blessings to consider and focus on! Love your quilting goals for the next year and looking forward to seeing your progress!

  6. I have Farmer's Wife on the to-do for 2014. I like having blocks to work on instead of whole quilt patterns. Makes me feel like I accomplished something in just one hour:) Now I just need to limit myself to how many block-a-longs I can reasonably handle.

  7. so sorry to hear of all that has happened to you. Murphy reminds me so much of our big lab Barney who we lost in 2012. Looking forward to a fresh new year and to seeing all your lovely makes


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