Monday, April 29, 2013

Cushions/Pillows for the Teenager

Cushions? Pillows?
What do you call them?  If its on your bed it’s a pillow, if its on the sofa it’s a cushion.
I had a few scraps of fabric left over from making my teenager his quilt, so while waiting to get it back from the LAQ I decided to make some cushions.

photo (12)
Now you may not be aware but I have a zip phobia and the thought of sewing a zip into a cushion was filling me with dread. I usually make envelope cushions, but the problem with them is that the sometimes gape open and it annoys me. A also didn’t want a zip at the top, I wanted it covered.

photo (9)
Its not wonky, I promise, its just where I was holding up the flap so I could show you!
photo (11)

photo (10)

So I searched high and low for the perfect zippered pillow tutorial.  And WOW I found the perfect tutorial, that made putting a zip in easy peasy!
Check out the Zippered Pillow Back Tutorial by Amy who blogs over at Amy Made That
Here is one of her pillows, look at the fun you can have with contrasting fabrics! 
So if your like me and have a zip phobia or you want to make a really stylish pillow back with a covered zip then this tutorial is for you.
I still have a couple of more pillows to make for the Boy, I just need to buy some pillow forms and then I can share them with you.
I can see a lot of pillows in my future. Just think of all the different combinations of fabric you could use, Mine is a little plain, but hey its for a teenaged boy so it can’t bee to fancy!


  1. Love your pillow in these fabrics - and the zip looks great too!

  2. well done looks great :)) and a zip !!

  3. So glad I could help you to overcome your zipper phobia! You are a star now with zips, and that pillow looks great on both sides!

  4. I'm with you... pillows on the bed and cushions on the lounge. Love the fabric in the top cushion!!! I usually make cushions with an envelope back, allowing lots of overlap so no gap, basically because I'm too lazy to put in a zip. I do like the way the zip is hidden by the flap... very professional.

  5. That is an awesome pillow! I love Amy. I haven't tried that tutorial yet, but I will. I have put in a few zippers. They aren't so bad. But I really have trouble with them in clothes. Well, I have trouble with clothes all the way around! But good for you. This looks great!

  6. Your pillow is gorgeous!! And I LOVE that tutorial of Amy's. I use that one myself. :)


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