Friday, February 1, 2013



Another one to share, I had a little accident with this one, can you see the mark in the centre of the flying geese on the star?  My iron decided to spew water out on the block, I need to clean my iron, we have extremely hard water so it gets nasty very quickly.  I hope when I eventually wash this the mark comes out! unless anyone has any other suggestions?




  1. I enjoyed visiting your blog, and getting a peek at all the great projects you're working on. And I bought the Fireworks PDF, too, after seeing it on your list of projects for this year. I look forward to sewing it together in the 3x6 Star hive! -Linda, aka lkhomework
    Oh, and I love the Union Jack pincushions you made last year! I am a true anglophile since visiting England twice in the 80s, including York. Here's my recent Union Jack pillow:

  2. You have been on busy lady! I left my laptop at my sisters and just got it back. I have lots of blog reading to catch up on! I LOVE the Swoon block. I wonder if a Tide stick would remove that little spot. And the fabric store you went to...OMG!! I would go crazy in there! Sometime your friends and my sister and I should meet at a half way point and share quilting stories. I would love it! Have a great day!!


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