Thursday, September 22, 2011


HI Bloggers,
Yep, I have been MIA for a while now, well lots has been happening in our household.

I have had flu for a week so have been really ill with that and I am slowly recovering, it is going round my neck of the woods like wild fire.

To add to that the house is going up for sale and we are moving! (once the house sells) Minneapolis here I come! I am excited but at the same time sad too to be moving away from here, I love the home that I currently live in. So if I do not blog in the next few weeks or even months, it is because I am cleaning, decluttering and arranging the house for someone to come and love it as much as I do and hope they buy it. Maybe I will get some crafting done that I can share with you, but at the moment I do not have a minute to spare.

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