Monday, July 25, 2011

Ikea Cushions

We took a quick trip to Ikea and the Mall of America yesterday, that's if you can call it a quick trip! it is about 2hrs 30 mins from here, each way! Anyway, I ended up buying some cushion/pillows and some covers for spare cushions I had around the house, these were destined for our family room, the old ones were really starting to look old!!!! bobbly is one word I would use to describe the old ones, but YUK would be more appropriate! I cannot seem to get a good picture today so this is it. I am loving the two embroidered covers, the striped ones are slightly different one has a zip closure and has blue and red stripes and the other has buttons and is a lot more muted. For more details I have posted a link to them online.

Alvine Flora Cushion $19.99
Alvine Spetsig cushion cover $10.00
Alvine cushion cover x 2 $7.00 each
Erktorp Lumbar Cushion x 2 $19.99

After Ikea we crossed over the road to the Mall of America, my DH treated me to a new bead for my Pandora bracelet and this is the one I chose:
any guesses why?

Then on to Lush, this was one of my favourite stores back home and I am so glad that there is one here, so I stocked up on a few bath bombs to keep me going for a little while! They also do mail order which I might give a go as I am not sure when my next trip to Minneapolis will be. One of my favourite bath bombs is the Big Blue Bath Bomb, if you have never tried these then I can highly recommend them. Another favourite is the bubble bath bars.

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