Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation - Panama City Beach, Florida

So I have been MIA again, we just got back on Thursday from our vacation, I had a wonderful time. I spent a great deal of time relaxing and walking on the beach collecting shells.

I did manage to bring back a small collection of shells that I collected and even some sand dollars. So a trip to TJ Maxx was in order today so that I could find a little glass bowl for the sand dollars and a jar for the shells, I was successful and will share with you tomorrow my little holiday collection when I have taken some pics.

I just wish I could have bought back more, next time I go on vacation I am gonna make sure I pack less clothes, then I can collect more shells.......................
So as not to leave you with anything to look at..... here is the view from the balcony in the condo we stayed in.............

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  1. Hi..i Like your story...Thank you so much to passing my blog .......btw and now I'm one of your follower too...:))


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