Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fabric Shopping Spree

No excuses for not blogging I’ve just been a little busy!

But anyhow……………..

Last week I went on a road trip with a couple of my friends to Minneapolis, we had a blast.

We went to SR Harris a fabric a fabric outlet. Our mission was to buy as much fabric as we thought we could get away with when we got home.  I went a little crazy and bought so much gorgeous fabric.

I bought enough to make 3 quilts and more.


Now this place we went to is crazy, its just full of aisles and aisle of different bolts of fabric, from decorator fabrics, apparel, quilting cottons trims and beyond, you name it they have it, I didn’t even get to look at all the haberdashery  (trims, buttons, zippers etc., you get the idea) they have and everything else as we ran out of time, we were there for over 6 hours!  This place has 30,000 square feet of fabric!




Just a small sample of some of the trims!



This is how all the fabric is stacked, so you get a good work out choosing your fabric!


Basically you take a trolley (cart)  with you, choose your fabric from the shelves, which is  stacked 3 shelves high and then you take it to the cutting table and cut it yourself, what fun we had!

In this photo you can see the large cutting tables, they supply scissors and a metal ruler, but I took my cutting mat and rotary cutter with me!


Most of the fabrics I bought are all designer fabrics and all of them are good quality quilting cottons, I managed to find some Riley Bake, Robert Kaufman,  and a few other gorgeous designer fabrics.  The minimum cut is 1/8 yard and I wanted fat quarters so just cut a half yard for each fabric I wanted and will get around to making fat quarters out of them eventually.  Oh and did I tell you they were $11.99 a yard but were 50% off!! so basically I got a fat quarter for $1.50, talk about being in fabric heaven!

I went with blue, aqua, green and grey for my swoon quilt

Then I went with grey yellow and a pale orange for another quilt

Then I just bought fabric I liked that could go together for another possible quilt.

I am hoping to go again very soon!

I will post soon about the fabrics I bought and share photos of my fabric haul!!!




  1. Oh wow! SO fun!

    did you know there are sign ups for another scrap swap? Just in case you are interested...

  2. Now that is worth the trip! How on earth do you decide what to buy when there is so much choice?

  3. Hi, I found you through Fiona at Celtic Thistle. I have to know where you live! I was just at SR Harris a couple of times, and thought afterwards that I should bring my mat and rotary cutter. :) Fiona is one my favorite blogging friends. :)

  4. Wow! I think I would be overwhelmed with choices. Then again, maybe not!


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