Saturday, September 22, 2012




Recently  I was lucky enough to be the winner of a giveaway hosted by Brooke over at Sillly Mama Quilts Blog and won an assortment of fabric scraps.  Even before winning I had an idea in my head of  a project that I wanted to do and winning this giveaway was the excuse I needed to start on my project.

Way back when I was about 11 I had a go at some EPP (English Paper Piecing) but never got very far with it, I think I made a few flowers with some scrap shirt fabric but they never amounted to anything and I don’t know what happened to them.

I came across a blog called Moxy Ideas where you can download some PDFs of different sized hexagons.  I chose to go with hexagons that are 1.5 inches and printed them on cardstock so that I could reuse them  a few times. All that was left to do was to cut them out and start basting.


DSC00624Last night while watching TV I sat and basted just a few, but it’s a start.  I see this as a long term project.  It will probably take me years to make something with them, as I have decided that I will only have 2 hexagons with the same fabric. So it will take a while for me as my fabric stash is not that big.  I don’t plan on a colour scheme so can use any colour fabrics.

This project is also the perfect thing to do on the go while travelling, watching the boy play football or when I am in situations where I am just hanging around with nothing to do.



So what fabrics do you see?  All the fabrics apart from the scroll purple fabric, are the fabrics that Brooke sent me. (thanks Brooke) .  My favourite is the fabric with the leaf pattern.


  1. Hello! I'm doing the same for three years. Very beautiful fabrics!

  2. Nice win, I see some Kate Spain in there! It is good sometimes to have a project on the go without any deadlines attached.

  3. I love the little dragonflies! I wonder if I started something like this if I would ever get it finished?

  4. Sally thats what I keep thinking but I am going to give it my best and this project is pretty open ended, I will work on it every now and then so I don't go too crazy with it.


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