Sunday, July 1, 2012

Part 1 Craft Room Remodeling

I have been MIA yet again, I have so much to share but just so little time to actually type it all up and take pictures.

Since my last post I started working full time which has now gone down to part time, we went on vacation, remodeled our basement and installed hardwood flooring in our family room, my new craft room and our theatre room.  So I have lots of things to share and show you, but it might just take a little while to get around to showing you.  So first off I want to show you what my craft room looked like once I had boxed everything up in preparation for the remodel of it.

I have crafted in this room for 5 years now, and when we first bought this house we had big plans of getting it done straight away so I had my own space, but that never happened and I lived with no ceiling and shared it with the spiders and cob webs, and it was not an ideal place to craft in as it just didn’t feel very clean to me so more often than not I used the kitchen table.

Here goes


Check back to see the progress ……………………

1 comment:

  1. Nice to have you back!

    What a great space, looking forward to seeing what you have done with it.


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