Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yet Another Dollar Store Pumpkin!!!!!


So yet another dollar store pumpkin!!! this was yet another easy project but I love how this turned out. A girl has just gotta love a bit of sparkle! Originally I painted this pumpkin with white primer then used a chestnut brown ink pad to highlight areas, it really did not turn out how I had imagined in my head so back to the drawing board. I sprayed some adhesive onto it and basically just added gold glitter. I used Martha Stewarts glitter as it is very fine and does a really good job at making thinks sparkle just right LOL. I had glitter absolutely everywhere but it was fun to do.

This what it looked like covered in primer, notice I left the little hang thing in, this gave me something to hold onto when I painted it and also when I covered it in glitter, I did remove it once it was finished.


If you have a makeover of a dollar store pumpkin I would love to see it, please leave a comment to let me know and I can pop on over to your blog to take a peak and if you haven’t please leave me a comment too, then I can visit your blog, it is always nice to know who is visiting me. Thanks

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