Friday, June 10, 2011

This and that.................

I have been having trouble with blogger again and have been unable to comment on any of the blogs that I stalk! well with a little bit of searching I managed to fix it and so far so good I am back to commenting on blogs. I hate reading a blog and not commenting, so I try to as much as possible.

I am having a great time not having to go to school and I am finally getting round to doing all the things that I had to put off due to lack of time.

Today I hope to sort out my craft room in the basement, it is so bad that I cannot even see the tables. I would take a before picture but seriously it looks really bad, think of a tornado in the basement and you get the idea.

On another note, summer has finally arrived in WI and we have had some really hot weather, I am talking 97F, and I am loving every minute of it. We have been out on the boat quite a few times, but for some reason it doesn't seem to hold the charm that it did last summer. Maybe, its because the river is quite high and its a little choppy or maybe we have seen it done that and worn the tshirt and that is that.

I have discovered a new place for catching a few rays, the trampoline, it is due so comfortable and great for topping up my tan!

On another note I hit 40 in a few days time, I am not sure what I think about all that! However, to celebrate or commiserate we are having a small get together with some friends. This is the invite I made, I blurred some of the details so its not completely like the photo in real life. So this is me when I was a baby, I am not sure how old I was, but it is the only pic of me as a baby that I have.

Other news I forgot to share last month: I saw Elton John in concert, I was so lucky to get tickets, they were not cheap mind you, but there is no way I would have even got the chance to see him if I was still living in the UK. I went with another English friend, and we had such a great time, singing our heads off and dancing the night away!!!

Right, I must stop blogging and get on with tidying the basement..................

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