Monday, June 1, 2009

MIA, Las Vegas, 2 years, Beads

Happy Monday!!!

Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks now!!! I just lost my mojo for a little while and really did not feel like doing any crafting at all. Maybe it has something to do with the state of my craft room!!! I really do need to get more organised and do something about the mess!

DH and I went on a short break together to Las Vegas the other weekend, which was lots of fun. However I can't really tell you much about that!! as you all know What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!! LOL. We did go and see a show Zumanity, but I am not going to mention anything about it, you just have to go and see it for yourself!!! LOL

Today is quite a monumental day for our household, 2 years today we moved into our house and 2 days before that we flew across the Atlantic with the rest of our belongings packed into 12 suitcases while all our household good took a 6 week trip on a freight ship across the Pond and so began the start our new life in America!!! It has been one hell of a journey, and even now we are still getting over our massive move and settling in. I am hoping that this next year will be a lot easier than the last 2 years and that we can start to really enjoy life.

Another reason that I might not have done any scrap booking or card making is I came across another addicting hobby!!!!!

I was a at a local coffee shop the other day and noticed that they had a bead shop next door. So I made the fatal mistake of just popping in for a little look. Well I am sure you all know what happened next!!!! Maybe its something o do with being a Gemini, flitting from one hobby to the next!!! LOL anyway, I was just browsing and Yes I got sucked in and ended up spending a couple of hours making jewellery!!! So I now have a new stash of beautiful beads and findings and have already made a number of bracelets and earrings!!!!
Here are just a few of them LOL.

This set of earrings and bracelet are the first pair that I made at the local bead shop. I used swarovski crystals and a number of other semi precious stones.

Thanks for looking everyone. I would love to hear about any of your other hobbies that you do apart from scrapping or card making.


  1. Wowww Sam,what a beautiful creations.

    Hugs Riet.x

  2. Glad your back to posting and happy 2 year Anniversary! I know it's been quite a ride and hope things will become easier from now on.
    I, too have become addicted (again) to beading. It's been years but I made the mistake of checking out the jewelry sections at Mike's, Joann's and Hobby Lobby last summer. Oh dear!!! Just what we needed eh, another hobby, LOL. Love your jewelry though!

  3. Your jewelry is GORGEOUS!!! I cannot believe you just started...{insert shocked face here}! I am in love with each and every piece! You are one talented lady!!!

    My other hobbies? I have only been stamping for a little over a year, so this addiction...I mean still fairly new to me. Other than that, I enjoy reading, playing golf, and cooking.


  4. So Good to see your back..Ive missed you..Love your jewelry..Its gorgeous.. Really love the ear rings..Cant wait to see more..
    Hugs, Linda

  5. OHHHHHH I am sooooooo jealous. We have been trying to get out of the UK to America and it is virtually impossible .. it takes so much dosh that we just dont have. I am also jealous that you managed to get to VEGAS !!! It is my most favourite place on earth .. in fact that is where we want to move to !!!
    Your jewellery is just STUNNING and congratulations on your second anniversary !!!!!

  6. Gorgeous jewellery Sam, you have been busy!
    So glad you had a fab time in Vegas :0)
    Cant believe it's been 2 years since you moved, I will be across sometime for a crafting session, I do miss the craft get togethers :0)

    Jenny x

  7. That jewelry is awesome! I shouldn't have looked though. I don't need another hobby! :)


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