Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What did I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These birdhouses are so addictive that I did another one last night!!!! This one is absolutely tiny it is only approx 5cm in height!!!!! and as you can see not only is it so cute but its also a wind chime, and it was only $1!!! I have about another 4 to alter different shapes but about the same size. Even DH liked this one and asked me to do one for his office but obviously not in pink!!!

I just received a few comments on the other bird house I posted last night so here is my technique if you can call it that:

I used patterned papers for the roof, front, back and sides. First of all I painted the whole house with gesso then the bits that I wasn't going to paper I painted with acrylics on both the houses its the pink parts. I then covered the other bits with paper.

These houses are not functional as such, just pretty!!!:) I guess if I decorated them with something else then they could be used outside but I can't think of any bird that would fit in the wind chime house so that is just functional but the other one is the right size for a bird. Hope this makes sense and if anyone wants any other info let me know I am happy to explain.

This is a tissue holder for the car!! It fits into the cup holder. It is a culvers shake cup (for those of you in the UK I am sure that Starbucks do a cup with a lid just like this) and all I did was cover it with paper and add the ribbon. The tissues are the ones that come in a square box, I just had to play about with it a bit so they dispensed properly.

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  1. brilliant use for Culvers cup - and what a great excuse to go there too! I think you have given me a project for my Daisy Scouts!!


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