Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

I forgot to mention......................................
In England we have always had an artificial tree. I found out that we could go and cut our own trees here so I did a bit of hunting and found a place about 15 minutes from home where you can cut your own. So off we went to cut our tree........
It took us absolutely ages to decide which tree to cut, we would find one thta we thought was the right one and then would just go and have a look at some more and then we would find another, we would then go back and try to compare it witht the other one and completely forget where it was, they all looked similiar! Anyway about 30/45 minutes later we decided on one.
We all had a go with the saw and it was surprisingly easy to cut!! I had this image in my mind of it taking us hours!!! I must have been thinking of a tree big enough to build a house!!!!! The boys carried it back to the car and we put it on top. It was a really fun thing to do and maybe it will be the start of a new tradition for our family that started here int he US.
Now, we normally don't put our tree up until after the 10 Dec as its DS1 birthday, I know not even december and here we are putting up a tree, well I am so glad we went out and cut it as the taller ones were in limited supply.

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